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News Release, December 12, 2008

Scientists, Physicians, Health and Environmental Justice Advocates to New Obama EPA Director: “We look forward to toxic chemical regulatory reform”

Dozens of health advocacy groups concerned about growing rates of asthma, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, reproductive and developmental problems, thyroid disease and other diseases of environmental origin, said today that they look forward to supporting President Elect-Obama’s new EPA Director with expertise and information for solutions to the urgent threat of toxic chemical contamination.

News Release, November 20, 2008

Scientists, Physicians, Health Advocates, Parents to Obama: Chemical exposure is an urgent crisis in the United States

(Washington, DC) Physicians, scientists, health advocates, and parents groups hold great optimism and high expectations for the Obama administration in addressing toxics issues, and its ability to choose administrative staff who will prioritize public health, worker safety and a clean environment. Today, they submitted their pleas for a halt to the urgent chemical exposure crisis in the U.S. and the world, and to the attacks on scientific integrity that have been used to delay a remedy, and have submitted their ideas on what to do about it to the Obama website that has been set up to receive input for the new administration. Specific ideas submitted by the group include: prevention of exposure from known dangerous chemicals, public disclosure of chemistry in products, protection for scientists, and transforming the chemical economy to a green collar economy.