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Blog Post, June 18, 2015

Despite Industry Spin, EPA Report Finds Extensive Threats to Water Posed by Fracking

Late last week, the EPA released it's highly anticipated draft assessment of how hydraulic fracturing impacts drinking water, and industry spokespeople immediately grabbed on to this quote: “hydraulic fracturing has not led to widespread systemic impacts on drinking water supplies”. While oil and gas companies were quick to trumpet their favorite part of the headline, it seems they quickly overlooked the important 'buts' that went with the statement.

News Release, March 31, 2015

Health and Community Advocates Overwhelmingly Oppose Vitter-Udall Takeover of Nation’s Toxic Chemical Safety Laws

Advocates from more than 50 environmental justice, health, sustainable business and community organizations delivered a letter to the United States Senate in opposition to S. 697, which could block states from taking new actions to protect consumers and communities from exposure to toxic chemicals.

News Release, March 19, 2015

Health & Community Groups Say Asthma, Premature Death From Smog Mean Epa Must Take Strong Action To Cut Ozone Pollution

As the public comment period for a newly proposed national limit on ozone pollution (smog) came to a close this week, hundreds of organizations and concerned individuals from across the nation expressed their support for improved public health, cleaner air, and a more protective ozone standard of 60 parts per billion (ppb).